Stable Apartment (for 5)

Stable Apartment

The apartment, like its name indicates, originnaly was the stable of the old inn, but now it gives perfect accomodation for a family with two or three children. Maximum five people can be placed in this apartment. On the ground floor is a 140 cm wide double bed, meanwhile in the gallery there are three single beds.

Because of the gallery and the steep stairs we would not recommend this apartment for families with toddlers or small children.

There is a separated bathroom with shower.

The small kitchen is perfect for making coffee, tea or even some snacks. Rustic stove heats the entire place, and you could even enjoy the shimmering lights of the fire.

Outside of the entrance is a quiet, small terrace, which is separeted from the garden.




Apartment for five: 27.000 HUF

Breakfast per person: 1.500 HUF

Half- and full-pension can be also available by further agreement.

Only for two night stay or above!


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