Piano Room (for 2)

Piano Room


With its romantic atmosphere this is our most popular room. 

Two small windows and 80 cm thick redstone walls keep the warmth inside in winter, yet do not let the heat of the sunny summer days in.

Our guests who stayed here claim that they never have had such a good sleep before. Later they all returned looking for their sweet dreams.

Rustic furnitures give coziness to the room, floral armchair, old trunk by the end of the bed, rustic furnace, candles, and a piano from our family heritage. The last one is a more than one hundred years old, real black Viennese piano. If you had such a fortunate childhood, that you were able to learn how to play the piano, while playing it you could bring back your memories of old times and feel the nostalgia.

In the middle nestles the double bed getting warmth from the rustic furnace in the corner, when it is getting cold out there. The room has a separated bathroom with a shower, also, you can find a working fridge, perfect to store your drinks or snacks for the stay.

The room is perfect for two people who would like to disconnect from the real world and recharge their energy and spirit.




Room for two: 15.000 HUF

Breakfast per person: 1.500 HUF

Half- and full-pension can be also available by further agreement.

Only for two night stay or above!

Kővágó Panzió Kővágóörs - Zongora szoba kemencével zuhanyzóval 2 fő részére - egész évben


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