Daily offers

Chilled quince soup
Slow-roasted duck legs with steamed red cabbage and sautéed potatoes 
Roasted pork meddalions with garlic
Pike-perch fillet in bread crumbs 



Chicken salad (grilled chicken breast, cabbage, maize, onion, cucumber, tomato, yoghurt)

 2.000 HUF
Mush  (porridge with curded ewe-cheese, sour cream, bacon)  1.600 HUF


Garlic cream soup with cheese  700 HUF
Tomato soup with cheese 700 HUF



Rösti with sour cream, cheese and bacon

 1.200 HUF
Rösti with creamy chicken ragout  2.200 HUF
Rustic pork roast 2.200 HUF

Main Dishes

Fried pork chop with french fries  2.000 HUF
Fried chicken breast in bread crumbs with rice  2.000 HUF

Spit-roasted pork cutlets  with bacon, french fries 

 2.300 HUF


Cheese Simple (tomato sauce, “trappista” cheese) 1.100 HUF
Ham Simple (tomato sauce, ham, cheese) 1.150 HUF
Curded ewe-cheese (tomato sauce, curded ewe-cheese, tomato slices, cheese) 1.300 HUF
Hungarian (tomato sauce, sausage, ham, onion, cheese) 1.300 HUF
Hawaii (tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, maize, cheese) 1.300 HUF
Kővágó (tomato sauce, sausage, ham, onion, maize, paprika, cheese) 1.500 HUF
Lepény pizza (sour cream, garlic, ham, cheese, folded up) 1.500 HUF
Cabbage and curded ewe-cheese 1.500 HUF
Langalló (flatbread with sour cream, bacon, onion) 1.500 HUF
On request:
Plus sour cream
Plus toppings
Egg / piece


Hommade pickled cabbage  600 HUF
Pickled apple pepper  600 HUF
Fresh cucumber salad  600 HUF
Pickling cucumber  600 HUF
Tomato salad  600 HUF
Fresh mixed green salad  800 HUF


Crepes with apricot marmalade and cocoa powder (2 pieces)  600 HUF
Crepes with blueberry marmalade (2 pieces)  700 HUF
Kővágó crepes  (filled with chestnut puree and fruits) 800 HUF
Chestnut puree with whipped cream  800 HUF
Ice cream cup with whipped cream 700 HUF
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