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About us


In a few of the pictures you can find us hiding.



Our inner garden:

The inn was built in 1848, on the facade can be found the date and the Eszterházy arms.

From the 1850s inns played a major role in the developing transportation system of Hungary, industry was on the rise and people were traveling more in order to keep and maintain business. The inn provided not only food and lodging for travelers, but also stabling and fodder for their horses. Tall stonewalls kept the travelers and their goods safe from bandits during the night. Down, in the cellar was stored all the food, and the ice from Lake Balaton kept them fresh all year.

  Kővágó Panzió Kővágóőrs Kővágó Panzió Kővágóőrs Kővágó Panzió Kővágóőrs


These days there are no more stables, smoke houses or haylofts in the building, but in honor of the old times, the names of the chambers refer to their old use. 

Today's people have the same needs as their ancestors, but in this rapidly changing world they not only need food and lodging, they need tranquility. Behind the huge stonewalls, we can provide that.

Nevertheless, our kitchen is undoubtedly the best in the Káli Basin, all of our dishes contain a piece of this wonderful countryside's soul. Come, and take a bite of the Balaton Uplands!

The Káli Basin is perfect for hikers, there are easy tourist paths for a light afternoon walk, but also more advanced ones. Or you can hop on a bike and wheel around in the basin. 

For more information visit the official site of the Balaton Uplands National Park.


Night by the Lake:

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